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If you are newly natural- welcome! It’s not going to be easy at first but it will be worth it.

Taking care of natural hair can be quite a challenge if you are used to constant weaving and wigs.

It can be daunting at first. So I’ve put together a few tips to get you started.


The big chop or transitioning?

This is a personal choice. It’s really up to you. Some people may not feel comfortable with very short hair and may choose to transition into being natural as opposed to chopping it all off.

The good thing about transitioning is that you can avoid having short hair, if you don’t feel comfortable. The not so good thing is that you will experience breakage and this can be quite discouraging.

When transitioning, keep your hair and scalp well moisturised with a good hair food of your choice.

Styles such as Box braids can help you to grow your natural hair out without causing you too many hassles.


Hair regimen and products?

Less is more. Do not get caught up in the hype otherwise you will soon become a product junkie. Over time you will find out what works well for you. To begin with, you will need something to nourish your scalp. You can use a hair food to massage into the scalp and moisturise the hair. Do not use too much. This will cause your hair to feel heavy. Use just enough to keep hair feeling healthy.

Try some oils and see which work well for you. Natural hair benefits greatly from warm oil treatments. Oil treatments nourish and seal the hair from root to tip, resulting in less breakage.

Do your best to select natural products or products which have natural ingredients. Chemicals can be damaging to the hair. There are many products today including shampoos which contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, olive oil, coconut oil etc…


Use a satin or silk head scarf at night. Not only will it protect your hairline (edges) while you sleep but it will also lock moisture in, preventing your hair from drying out.


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