Good reasons to let go of the weave?

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1. You will improve at managing your own hair

The more you rock your natural hair, the more you learn about how to take care of it. You will start to better understand your hair, and will discover techniques to keep it looking good for longer. This includes forming a hair regimen that fits into an already busy life. You will also have the opportunity to learn which products are actually working for you and which products you can do without. Some people only take their hair out of the weave to wash it, then they reinstall it all over again. Not only is this a danger for traction alopecia, but it is also damaging for your hair because of the moisture and heat under the weave.


2. You will be more aware of the health of your hair

When you rock your natural hair often, you will quickly pick up on things like shedding. This will allow you to take better care of your hair- like giving it protein treatments for example. When your hair is constantly covered you don’t get time to assess its health. These checks are restricted only when you go the salon to remove your weave. If there is a problem you will not know until you let your hair out. By the time you assess your hair, you may find that there is unnecessary damage that could have been avoided. When you manage your natural hair, you get to decide when to wash, trim, or do a warm oil treatment.


3. Hair is easier to keep moisturized
so… We know that we are meant to keep our natural hair well-nourished under our weaves. But how many of us actually moisturize our hair and base our scalps when we are wearing weaves? We usually take care of the weave because it is more visible to everyone. We style it, spray it, moisturize it, straighten it, blow-dry it, and even plait it – all the while our real hair suffers from negligence. We focus more on what people see as opposed to what is real to and true of us. It is easier to forget your hair when it is hidden, but when you rock your natural hair, you are able to take better care of it and learn to accept it. Eventually you will love it and so will everyone else!

4. Everyone will get used to your hair again!
Speaking of everyone else, the sooner your show them the real you, the sooner they can love the new you! When you start to rock your natural hair more often people soon forget what you looked like with the weave, and they get a chance to see the real beauty in you.  They also get to see how beautiful your hair is natural.  You may have mixed reactions from people, but most will be good and the sooner they start loving the natural you, the better!

5. You will become good at styling your hair.

The more you rock your natural hair, the more time you will have to play with it. Most naturals will try twists, wash and go, and even braiding – just to name a few. You will learn how to do all these amazing hairstyles yourself. There are plenty of styles you will soon discover. You will learn what looks you like for work, church, a fun day out or gym! And you will also discover tricks to make your hair look amazing even on windy days or rainy days!


6. You will not have to worry about the negative aspects of weaves

Many of us were in shock we saw the first photos of Naomi Campbell’s receding hairline. I think we all felt a bit better about our own hairlines for a minute. . For many of us it is the realization that celebrities who have the money and access to top notch beauty treatments are suffering the same fate. But the truth is that she is not the only one who has gone through this, we all know that what we see at the salon stays at the salon. #GirlsSalonCode. When you rock your natural hair however, you get to keep your hair healthy and you allow your hair to grow back in full. It will take time yes- there are no quick fixes to natural beauty.




7. Natural hair gets better and better!
The more you learn about managing your natural hair the more it will thrive. At first you will need to deal with negative comments from those around you. As time passes though comments become less and they soon turn into compliments from the very same people! Taking good care of your hair will result in growth, thickness and overall health. Like wine, natural hair only gets better with time. Don’t hide away behind fake hair, month in, year out. Why settle for someone else’s hair when you can rock your own!



“Weaves should be a conscious styling choice, not a habit”


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