5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

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I have been natural most of my life and I had never had a protein treatment before today.

I have fine, manageable 4c hair. Until recently, I had no reason to consider a protein treatment. I had read about them and they always seemed a bit far-fetched and unnecessary until… I dyed my hair. I dyed it black. How unnecessary right? Anyhow- lesson learned- moving right along! lol


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So basically My hair was pretty damaged during the dye process. A week in, my hair started shedding uncontrollably. I was losing about half a handful of hair with each wash.  I quickly went to a stylist who works with natural hair and she was so scared to work with the damage that she referred me to Siya. Apparently Siya has the good products ‘uphethe i stuff’ as he proudly told me when I arrived at his salon. Quite frankly I had lost all hope. Here I was, the natural sister with  a blog, promoting natural beauty  , and I wasn’t even sure if my hair could be saved!

Fast forward… Siya really does have the goods! He used a deep conditioner from Design Essentials.  The product worked wonders. Breakage was immediately cut by at least 60 %. I will be doing a full review on Design Essential products in the near future.

So with all this damage going on I knew that I needed a protein treatment ASAP. I had already ordered one online and was waiting for it to be shipped. I refused to use another protein conditioner because I had done my research and I was impressed by the reviews I had read on the Tropic Isle living Protein conditioner.

When the tub arrived, along with my JBCO, I was a bit sceptical. The tub was smaller than I had imagined and did not look glamorous at all.  Unfortunately I did not have time to dwell on the matter at hand because I had afternoon deliveries. By the time I got home, load shedding had come right on time and I was just too tired to wait for the electricity to come back. So I tried the protein conditioner first thing in the morning.

My Opinion:protein

The smell: I love it. It smells like citrus. I love my fruits so this was a big bonus for me.

The quantity: Although the tub appears small, the conditioner spreads pretty quickly. A little goes a looooong way!

The results: There was barely any hair fall during my final rinse.

There! It worked for me 100%. I am glad I waited for it because it is 100% natural. My hair feels bouncy and very soft.  I would use it again and again.



5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

  1. No Bounce-back: In simple terms your hair lost its elasticity. When hair is wet, stretch a few strands of your hair. If your hair doesn’t revert to its original shape and is limp, you are in need of a protein treatment. Also if you stretch the hair and it stretches & breaks… that is also a sign that your hair is in dire need of a protein treatment
  2. Limp/Mushy: If your hair feels limp/ mushy (Which I was experiencing – it felt like it had been permed)) then you need to add some protein to your regimen to help balance out the moisture.
  3. You’ve recently coloured your hair: If you’ve recently coloured your hair there is probably a good chance you need to do a protein treatment. A few protein and moisture treatments can counteract dagmage created in the cuticle by the dye in order to promote healthy hair growth.
  4. Pre-Heat: Before applying direct heat to the hair, it is a good idea to do a protein treatment to strengthen the cuticle against heat damage.
  5. Increased breakage/shedding: If you are noticing an increased amount of shedding or breakage (on your combs/brushes/clothes…etc) your hair is sending out a sign that its protein levels are low. Doing a protein treatment will help decrease the amount of shedding and breakage. Also do regular trims to decrease breakage.
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